About Us

As you already know, our website is used primarily for discussion on music and the ukulele instrument. We are a small team of young people (Jennifer, Evelyn), who are enthusiastic about music and the ukulele.

We have been playing ukulele for quite some time. It is an incredibly fun instrument, which we wish to show other people using our blog. Before we learned how to play it, we tried, together, three different ukulele lessons and teachers.

For us, personally, Allen was the best. His lessons seem to be the most friendly and simple for beginners.

We need to thank our Jennifer for the launch of our blog, since without her wonderful articles our website wouldn’t be half as nice as it is.

We have all been interested in anything related to art. Theatre, singing, dancing, playing instruments. Those are our main interests and our lives.

We’re all connected to people experienced in this field. We love to share everything we learn ourselves with other people, as this brings us joy. We love to share our knowledge with others. We were also beginners once, and needed knowledge.

We know how that is. For this reason, we’re here with you today.

Evelyn, who you can see in the videos, is an enthusiastic ukulele player and also a singer. Since a young age, she loves singing in choirs. She also studies music.







Aloha, good friends. I need to tell you something: I am really happy that you’re interested about the topics I cover in my articles. In the future, I’ll try to keep you even better informed. I’ll share even more of our experiences. Writing and playing brings me a lot of fun and relaxation. Every positive comment gives me more motivation.        

We hope you enjoy browsing our photos and reading our blog. Best regards from our team. We’ll do our best to make sure that our blog helps you on your ukulele path.

If you wish to contact us and share your ukulele story, you can do so using the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.